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Installation Guide


There are two methods we recommend for installing your new custom crafted butcher block. For cabinets with 1x2 bracing around the top inside perimeter of the cabinet/cabinets , drill holes every 16-24 inches around the perimeter. Hole size should be oversized, that is half again or so the diameter of your screw. With drilling completed put your block on the cabinet/cabinets and drill an undersized hole in the bottom of the block. Using your screws with a flat washer snug the block down, do not over tighten. If you do not have 1x2 bracing you can order blockheads installation kit. Install the angel brackets every 16-24 inches flush with the top of the cabinet using the screws provided. If your cabinet wall is 3/4 or a smaller in length or if you have thinner cabinet walls, place the block on the cabinet in the desired location and using the holes in the top of the bracket. Mark the block with the hole location, then drill pilot holes with the drill bit provided. After drilling the pilot holes place the block in place and using the screws provided snug the block down. Do not overtighten.

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12780 Indian Reserve Rd Hubbard Lake, MI 49747

Phone: (989) 727-3177 | Fax: (989) 727-3248